Micro-SaaS, Shopify Apps, Programmatic SEO with Diego Rios of Markeko

August 3, 2021

Sankalp and I had a fun chat with Diego Rios, who runs Markeko, on his podcast Land the right clients.

We discuss Micro-SaaS, Shopify apps and Programmatic SEO.

Here's how Sankalp summarized our conversation:

It was a really fun talk as we got to reminisce about the days where we built a lifestyle business, worked for just a few hours a week and did not have to worry about things like hiring, investors, moving fast, managing chaos, etc.

Our aim back then was to make $700 per month individually so that we can make a livelihood without doing a 9 to 5 job.

We then talked about how we transitioned into building DelightChat where we leveraged Programmatic SEO to grow our traffic to ~ 15k impressions a day on google search.

We cover these topics in the podcast:

  • Designing your life from Ramen income to bigger problems.
  • Use Google or Shopify autocomplete to come up with product ideas.
  • What is Micro-Saas?
  • Problem > Distribution > Product : we don't write a single line of code until we know the needs/customer.
  • Listen to your customers first before building new features.
  • The best hack is hard work. If you roll the dice enough times, you will get lucky eventually.
  • Programmatic SEO: how to build organic traffic and validate landing pages for B2B.

Listen to it here or the embed below:

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