Talking Micro-SaaS on The Indian Dream Podcast

March 14, 2021

Originally published on my blog on November 1, 2020.

A few weeks ago, Siddharth Betala reached out to me on Twitter. What piqued my interest was their focus on covering stories about bootstrapped startups.

Bootstrapped businesses are deemed unsexy, but that's only because such businesses and the people who run those businesses focus on the customer, growing revenues, and delivering profitable outcomes.

It's the funded startup world that optimises for limelight, gets PR on TechCrunch, and therefore becomes the story everyone knows about and sets the narrative on building businesses in general.

Siddharth and Sahil are trying to change that by building The Indian Dream Podcast. And this week, the story of SuperLemon got featured on their podcast.

Our conversation ran for 1.5 hours, which was twice the recording length that we had anticipated.

What I enjoyed the most was being able to talk beyond just the numbers and the raw business building. Siddharth and Sahil were keen on uncovering my origin story (I come from Assam), and my journey since then to arrive at this point.

So dive right in to listen to softer aspects of my journey, what happened before SuperLemon, and how I finally arrived here.

You can listen to it on:

As always, I hope you can takeaway learnings that can be applied to your own life in order to build a successful micro-SaaS business.

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