Habit Tracker Google Sheets Template for 2023

Health routines went for a toss during the pandemic?

Mine too.

A balanced life got replaced by excessive hours with a laptop while sitting on a chair, with a laptop in bed watching Netflix, and eating more food out of boredom.

Since the beginning of this year, my friends Sankalp, Mausumi and I have been taking back control of our lives.

We focused on things within our control, such as exercising regularly and sleeping early - with the aim of rebuilding good habits.

To keep track of our activities and give us an easy sense of progress, we tried using habit tracker apps. But we always found them to be too complex or focused on too many features that we did not need.

Let simplicity help you take back control

Complex tracking systems aren't useful in the long run.

The real aim of any system should be to become ingrained into the subconscious, you don't need to consciously think or mark a box somewhere to do the activity.

That's why we created simple and a free habit tracker spreadsheet template built using Google Sheets.

Make a copy and get started today!

365 Days Yearly Habit Tracker on Google Sheets [Premium]

Track habits for an entire year using this 12 month habit tracker template. The tracker has one page per month, making it easy for you to track your habits and observe your progress throughout the year.

You can download the yearly habit tracker as an excel spreadsheet and use it locally, or make a copy and use it online using Google Sheets.

You can also export this template as a PDF, giving you a printable yearly habit tracker that you can place it on your table and review it every day.

The Yearly Habit Tracker 2023 template can be re-used in future years with negligible edits. So really, you're buying a habit tracker for life for the price of two ☕️☕️!

30 Day Monthly Habit Tracker on Google Sheets [Free]

Track your habits on a monthly basis with this Google Sheets spreadsheet template.

This is the recommended tracker as it allows you to visualize an entire month at a go. This monthly habit tracker is completely free for personal use.

30 day monthly habit tracker spreadsheet template
Click the button below to make a copy to your own Google Drive account.

7 Day Weekly Habit Tracker Spreadsheet [Free]

Track your habits on a week-to-week basis with this Google Sheets spreadsheet template.

If you are looking to track your habits in a very granular fashion, this free weekly habit tracker might suit you well.

weekly habit tracker spreadsheet template
Click the button below to make a copy to your own Google Drive account.

Habit Tracker Template for Excel [Free]

To use the habit trackers that you see above in Microsoft Excel:

  1. First, make a copy to your Google Drive by clicking the button.
  2. Then, simply export the template by selecting File > Download > Microsoft Excel file format.

These habit tracker templates are completely free for personal use. Download and use them to achieve your goals and get ahead in your life.

FREE Printable Habit Tracker Template

You can easily print the habit tracker template and use it with good old pen and paper.

  1. First, click on the buttons above to make a copy of the habit tracker template to your own Google Drive account.
  2. Then, select File > Print to have a printed habit tracker template for your daily use.

The printable habit tracker template is completely free for your personal use.

DailyHabits - A Simple Habit Tracker

After using a Google Sheet for nearly 6 months, Sankalp and I decided to build a simple habit tracker app that helps us do more, by doing less.

Introducing DailyHabits, a habit tracker designed for simplicity.

  • Visualize your entire month at a glance.
  • Set flexible goals instead of streaks.
  • Make notes to reflect on your journey.
  • Fully responsive and works on mobile & desktop.

Features of the Habit Tracker Spreadsheet Template

Despite the habit tracker app running on Google Sheets, it's got all the features you need to build new habits, make progress towards your goals, and improve a tiny bit everyday.

Track your habits online

Open the spreadsheet from your desktop or from your mobile phone by installing the Google Sheets app.

Visualise habit progress

Visualise your journey over a period of time to understand and identify patterns or just to feel proud of your accomplishment.

Improve a little bit everyday

Good habits and being the best version of ourselves is tough. But it gets easier as you do it everyday.

Own your data and privacy

The spreadsheet with all its data will live in your Google Drive account.

Free habit tracker templates

Most templates are 100% free for personal use. You just need a Google Drive account to start using the spreadsheet.

Get started building good habits today

Creating good habits is more than just using an app. You need the right mindset and approach for it to work.

If you're at the beginning of this journey, check out this Actionable Guide to Creating Habits that Stick.

You got this ✌️