SuperLemon story covered on Nathan Latka's Top Entrepreneurs Podcast

March 14, 2021

Originally published on my blog on August 3, 2020.

I have been an avid fan of The Top Entrepreneurs Podcast by Nathan Latka ever since I first came across it in 2018.

To an aspiring entrepreneur like me, there was no other place on the internet where I could find dozens of interviews from entrepreneurs who have made it sharing their company metrics with such a high degree of transparency.

I also liked Nathan's interview style, of how he would grill the founder if they didn't answer straight or intentionally tried to avoid answering questions about metrics.

Back then, Sankalp and I would jokingly tell one another that maybe one day if we have a business that's grown past $10k MRR or some big-enough target, we might be on the show.

Last week, that dream became reality.

Dreams do come true, if you work towards it long enough.

Check out the full interview to get a breakdown of SuperLemon's internal metrics.

Here's a quick overview if you don't have time. These metrics are as of July 2020.

  • MRR: $29,000 (1 year ago: $2,500)
  • Total users: 20,000
  • Total paying customers: 1,700
  • ARPU: $17
  • LTV: $170
  • Churn: 10%
  • Monthly installs: 4000
  • Monthly paid trials: 500
  • Trial to paid conversion rate: 50%
  • Gross margin: 70%

I love Nathan's famous 5 questions, here's my answers:

  • Favourite business book - The MOM test
  • CEO following/studying - No
  • Favourite online tool for building your company - Figma
  • How many hours of sleep - 7
  • Relationship status - Unmarried, girlfriend, no kids
  • Age - 26
  • What would I say to my 20 year old self - Don’t obsess about unicorns, build a profitable business instead


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