Learn Programmatic SEO and Grow Your Google Search Traffic in 2024

Programmatic SEO is a methodical and data-driven approach to finding keywords, understanding user intent and creating dozens or hundreds of pages of content. Learn how to apply this framework to your business, whether it's ecommerce, SaaS, or even a side project. Get the course today 👇👇

Hey! This is Preetam, co-founder of DelightChat. I previously built and sold a $25k MRR SaaS.

I've spent years trying to decode how SEO works.

The "expert" advice found on the internet was too complex for a beginner like me. And so I was forced to find my own path.

Now, I am sharing this path with you.

SEO is actually easy

It's got 2 key components:

  1. Understand what people are trying to find.
  2. Create content that answers their questions.

Really, that's all there is to it.

If you're a product builder, then you're already aware of this mindset. Instead of building features, you create content.

My experiments with Pain-Point SEO helped me reach the top 3 results for "micro saas" on Google (search for it right now and see for yourself), which gave me the confidence to try bolder experiments with the DelightChat website.

Programmatic SEO = More organic search traffic

Using the principles that I teach in this course, I grew search impressions for DelightChat from 600/mo to 240,000/mo in 90 days. And we're just getting started!

programmatic seo grow google search traffic
Our story was covered in the Webflow blog.

I've received dozens of Twitter DMs, Emails, and LinkedIn messages since the post was first shared. In fact, someone who is a prospective customer for DelightChat wanted to hire me as a consultant for their brands!

I figured that there's value in my approach, and so I've decided to share it.

What is Programmatic SEO?

It's a method for addressing a large number of search terms or questions that people might be looking for on Google, by generating individual landing pages or blog posts answering each of those questions.

Key components:

  1. Identifying repeatable search terms.
  2. Understanding user intent a.k.a what is the user looking for.
  3. Generating pages manually or programmatically that addresses their questions.

My course focuses arming you with the knowledge and examples to tackle 1 & 2 for your own business.

About the Learn Programmatic SEO course

Total course material is ~1.5 hours.

Why so short? My signature is zero fluff, only actionable advice. Cut the fluff and most courses would be this short.

You can watch the course in one afternoon and then begin seeing the world with a new lens - Programmatic SEO.

Course outline

More case studies and real examples, less theory. That's how I believe a lot of people learn best.

1. Basics of SEO: Get up to speed with everything you need to know about SEO to get started in 20 minutes.

2. Programmatic SEO framework: The thinking process (aka creativity) that you need in order to apply this framework to your own business.

3. AirBnB Case Study: How AirBnB uses this framework to tailor their product to a global audience.

4. Zapier Case Study: How Zapier found 25,000 landing page ideas and scaled to millions in search traffic.

5. Tripadvisor Case Study: How Tripadvisor uses cuisine and location preferences to programmatically generate tens of thousands of landing pages.

6. Canva Case Study: How Canva understands user intent to create hundreds landing pages for design templates that can be used with their tool.

7. B2C Ecommerce Case Study: A hypothetical case of growing a B2C Ecommerce business that sells Tea Leaves online.

8. B2B SaaS Case Study: A hypothetical case of growing a B2B SaaS product that sells Podcast Hosting software.

9. B2C SaaS Case Study: A real-world case study of how two B2C SaaS products -  Kapwing and Veed.io - are growing their business using programmatic SEO.

Start your journey. Get the course today 👇


  • Action bias: Most people learn by doing. The best way to solidify your learnings is to watch the entire course and then start applying it.
  • Creativity: Take the examples in the case studies, form analogies that cross over to your specific product or niche, and start applying them.


$49. That's it.

Why only $49 for a course that can make you $10,000s?

I could consult and take on very few people who are willing to pay thousands of $$ to learn and apply the Programmatic SEO approach.

However, my worldview is that knowledge is most beneficial when the most number of people can access it.

That's why my course is only $49 instead of something like $999.

I call it no-brainer pricing. Why?

Because if you follow the course and apply it in your job, projects or business, you'll be generating $10,000s worth of value.

The ROI is 🤩🚀

Ask yourself this question:

Do I care enough to learn about Programmatic SEO so as to spend a small amount of time and money that could potentially change the trajectory of my business or career?

If the answer is YES, then consider this tiny investment of $49 and 2 hours towards your long journey ahead as an entrepreneur and marketer.

Course material includes slides + videos with me taking you through all the concepts and the case studies. Available immediately after purchase.

Get the course today 👇👇

Why listen to me?

I'm told that a little social proof goes a long way.

Webflow published our story:

People are discussing it on and off-Twitter:

Strangers are emailing to ask me to consult:

A lot of people on Twitter find my content valuable:

I previously built SuperLemon, a micro-SaaS, to $25k MRR in 14 months with my co-founder.

That should do it right? RIGHT? Phew :wipes sweat:

I've been sharing real learnings from my journey, whether it was growing DelightChat's search traffic, or growing a micro-SaaS to $25k MRR in 14 months (as a team of 2).

My method is simple - I try stuff, some fail, some work, and I share my takeaways on how you can apply the same in your life, work and business.

Ready to grow Google Search Traffic for your business in 2024?

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