👋 Hi, I'm Preetam

LATEST: Sankalp and I are on a mission to build the best customer support software for ecommerce. We call it DelightChat.

I started my career as a marketer, found love in building software products, learnt how to design in 2018, and how to code in 2020. Now, I'm on an adventure building SaaS businesses, and trying to live a good life.

I built SuperLemon, a WhatsApp communication tool for Shopify stores, together with my friend Sankalp Jonna. We launched in April 2019 and have had lots of fun.

SuperLemon recently crossed $25k MRR, got covered by Nathan Latka on the Top Entrepreneurs Podcast, and I wrote an 8,000 word guide on how to make money building Shopify apps.

Recently I published a weekly & monthly habit tracker built using Google Sheets. I find it simpler and more effective than using any app.

Through this blog, I will capture learnings from the successes and failures in my journey towards building profitable SaaS businesses.

I also write a weekly newsletter called Sunday Coffee ☕️ where I share updates about my latest posts, and interesting links from the Twitterverse.

A bit about my history

Professionally, I've been working with startups since 2015.

I've worked in Digital Marketing (MySmartPrice, Jobspire) and Product Management (Goodbox, Unacademy). I also started a company in the F&B industry (Levelz), which failed to gain traction.

Before SuperLemon, Sankalp and I tried to build another company (SessionFox) which failed due to no market demand.

In May 2019, I did my first ever podcast and webinar, both focused on helping aspiring Product Managers break in to this industry.

Born on 23rd October 1993 in the beautiful state of Assam (North eastern corner of India), I've lived in all major cities in India (Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad) and currently reside in Bengaluru (startup capital of India).

If someone asks me where I'm from, I say "India".

Get in touch

I'm most active on Twitter. You can also find me on the web elsewhere.