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👋 Hi, I'm Preetam.

Life is an adventure. My current adventure is building profitable SaaS businesses while leading a good life.

I'm an entrepreneur by passion and generalist by nature. I've dabbled in product management, design, coding. My current obsession is with becoming great at marketing.

Follow me and my co-founder Sankalp as we build DelightChat to become the best customer support software for Ecommerce and D2C stores in the 🌎🌍🌏

I'll be sharing learnings along the journey on this blog and on my Twitter.

I also talk regularly about micro-SaaS, the importance of writing and more. You can find all podcasts, webinars and AMAs in the talks page.

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Journey (👶 to 2018)

If someone asks me where I'm from, I say "India".

Born on 23rd October 1993 in the beautiful state of Assam (North eastern corner of India), I've lived in all major cities in India (Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bengaluru) and currently reside in Hyderabad where the rest of my family has settled.

After getting my engineering degree from Manipal in 2015, I've worked in Digital Marketing (MySmartPrice, Jobspire) and Product Management (Goodbox, Unacademy).

In 2016-17 I built software for the F&B industry (Levelz) which failed due to lack of market demand. In 2018, Sankalp and I built a session recording tool for mobile apps (SessionFox) which too failed due to the same reason, despite our best intentions to avoid that outcome.

Since then, we changed tracks to focus on pursuing ideas with validated demand, and only working on a business idea after we have identified where and how we would acquire customers.

Journey (2019 - present)

SuperLemon, a WhatsApp plugin for Shopify stores, was the first success based on this formula. Sankalp and I launched the app in April 2019 and grew to $25k MRR by June 2020.

We had promised ourselves that if we taste success, we would pass on our first-hand knowledge so that others too could achieve the same feat. Hence, in mid-2020, I wrote an extensive 8,000 word guide for anyone looking to make money building Shopify apps.

In Q3 of 2020, I published an exhaustive Micro-SaaS guide with the goal of helping more people build small internet businesses and earn their financial autonomy and freedom.

I also built a Habit Tracker App using Google Sheets that I find it simpler and more effective than using any app. I hope it serves you as well as it does me.

My latest experiment on the internet was launching an online course in January 2021, which made $6,622 in 5 days. It's about Programmatic SEO, a methodical approach to discovering keywords and growing Google search traffic. Check it out!

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I'm most active on Twitter. You can also find me on the web elsewhere.