Micro-SaaS, Becoming a Creator and more with Prashant of The Internet Dream

May 11, 2023

Originally published on my blog on March 7, 2021.

Prashant has been a friend ever since the early days of my micro-SaaS journey. When Sankalp and I visited Dharamshala, Prashant showed us around, welcomed us into the AltCampus campus, and spent evenings discussing life, purpose and the future.

Which is why when he asked me to be a guest on his new podcast, my answer was an instant YES.

Learn more about Prashant's journey and thoughts by visiting his blog - Ramen Potential.

You can watch the entire 46-minute episode on YouTube:

I've also written a long tweet thread highlighting snippets of the conversation.

Check it out below 👇

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