Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0002

August 9, 2020

Good morning!‍

This week was a massive decluttering of my mind. There were a ton of decisions to be made that were pending since months. The backlog was weighing me down mentally.

This week I finally managed to get through all of them. Clearing out your backlog feels great. Like your mind took a giant 💩. You know what I'm talking about.

Got backlog piling up? Take a few hours time this Sunday to disconnect from the internet and clear it off. It helps :)

Written this week

What learning to cook chicken taught me about entrepreneurship

Gmail keyboard shortcuts 80/20
If you use Gmail everyday, you owe it to yourself to learn these shortcuts.

Laser-sharp focus
Because being vague could kill you(r business).

How to get lucky
Felix Felicis

How to design this image using Figma

G2TH decision making framework
An alternative to the coin toss trick.

Always be learning
A mantra

Interesting links from Twitterverse

this is what it is 👁👄👁

The exercise of asking WHY repeatedly

A giant wheel of feelings

What giving up too soon looks like (image)

The relative rotation periods of planets in 2-D

How to name your new SaaS company in 30 seconds

I wish I could teleport to Sagarmatha National Park (image)

One thought

How would you spend your days if you didn't have to worry about money?


See you next sunday!

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