What learning to cook chicken taught me about entrepreneurship

June 21, 2020

Note: if you’re vegetarian, replace chicken with cottage cheese while reading the post.

Ever cooked chicken?

Chicken likes to be washed and cleaned, cut, marinated, sit for a while, and then cook with several other ingredients. Finally you have an end product worthwhile eating. Both you and others can now enjoy it.

So what does this have to do with entrepreneurship or building a business?

Turns out, cooking chicken and building a business have a lot in common.

The chicken is your business idea.

Marinating it requires time - your raw idea is hardly the final version of the idea that will become successful. It takes time to fully develop.

The chicken (idea) isn’t enough. You need to cook other elements to add flavour.

It needs a voice for its brand.

It needs great design and simple UX.

Tech to support its scale.

Marketing to get the word out.

All of these are necessary for the chicken to taste great.

And after all this dancing between the delicate balance of ingredients, you might have a successful business in your hands that you and others want a piece of.

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