How to get lucky

June 24, 2020

You see a successful entrepreneur or a eminent personality in a field.

“That person got very lucky.”

You’ve thought it, you’ve said it, I’ve said it, people around us have said it.

It’s true that they did get lucky.

There’s only a handful of Google, Facebook, Uber scale companies started every decade. Statistically, those founders are “lucky”.

What changed for me is the definition of luck.

I used to think a lucky person is someone who drank the Felix Felicis potion.

I now know that luck is randomness striking you.

This perspective shift changed everything for me.

Luck went from something that’s completely outside my control, into something that I can generate or manufacture.

And if the above statement about luck and randomness is true, then we must also acknowledge that you can generate randomness by purposefully embracing new, unknown, chaotic situations.

Starting a company, building an app, becoming a consultant, creating your own game, writing a book.

The more you undertake risky ventures the more randomness you generate.

Randomness simply means things you didn’t predict or account for, happening to you until it did.

And therefore, you increase the chances of luck striking you.

In other words, you can say that you manufactured luck.

Congratulations 👏

You now know how to get lucky.

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