Gmail keyboard shortcuts 80/20

June 22, 2020

If you’re a daily Gmail user like myself, you can get faster at moving around the interface with only a few handy shortcuts.

I've compiled 8 such shortcuts that have helped me, and I'm sure will help you too.

Why only 8 shortcuts?

Instead of telling you to use every single shortcut available, I’ve applied Pareto principle and have arrived at 8 shortcuts that will give you 80% of the benefit.

⚡ Big 8

Compose:  c

Send:  Cmd/Ctrl + Enter

Reply:   r

Reply all:  a

Forward:  f

Add label:  l

Back to emails list:  u

Mark as unread:  U (Shift + u)

Image version if you prefer to save it on your computer for quick referencing

You’ll start to see improvements in your workflow almost immediately after adopting keyboard shortcuts.

And once you get used to using shortcuts (perhaps in a day or two), there's no going back.

Here's Google's official support document on how you can turn on Gmail's keyboard shortcuts - Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail

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