Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0033

January 31, 2021

Good morning!

Honestly, it's been a hectic week.

1. We were having a particularly tight week at DelightChat.

With one week left to the beta, we're making sure everything is in order, that the app does what it promises, and finishing off a few features that would really enhance the experience for beta users.

DelightChat beta launches on 8th Feb!

2. My mom and sister went for a relaxing holiday to Goa (popular beach destination in India). Which means I was left taking care of Doggo 🐶

Did you know that pups eat 5 times a day and poop 3 times? He needs his food at 7am even if I slept at 3am.

I love him :D

3. I launched my first ever online course, and it took off like a 🚀

Honestly, I was expecting to make $1000 over 30 days. That would have been mic drop moment for me.

Instead, here's what happened (and of course, I wrote about it).

👉 My online course made $6,622 in 5 days. Here's how I did it


Published by DelightChat Tribe

Shruti who joined as in the Product Design team published this back in November -- Designing a productivity app: a UX case study

Sourab wrote Background Location Tracking without Timeout and with App killed for React Native.

Sankalp wrote The right way to use a ManyToManyField in Django.

Akash wrote Be an Opportunist without being a Vulture. He also wrote Full stack; the most misunderstood role of all time.


Interesting links from the Interweb

This tweet got 80,000 impressions in 5 days.

"A year ago I thought content marketing was a waste of time." Turns out, he was wrong.

How well does your social media profile communicate your value?

Writing is about asking "What does my reader want?" and then delivering it.

Information Foraging: A Theory of How People Navigate on the Web.

Who said podcasts can't be just 5 minutes long?

What is branding? A 4 minute crash course.

Akash's Superhero API reached $23 MRR.

Do good by others.

People follow storytellers.


Digital Wanderlust

I want to lie in the snow and stare up at these skies in Lapland, Finland without a care in the world.


Learn Programmatic SEO

Today is the last day to pre-order the Programmatic SEO course. Having said that, here's an exclusive discount only for readers of this newsletter.

Coupons are first-come-first-serve and expire when they hit the limits.



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