Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0026

December 13, 2020

Good morning!

We recently adopted a little puppy from the streets.

Puppy was part of a litter whose squeals we first heard from my apartment. We followed those squeals to discover 6 orphans alone and cold outside a nearby building.

5 of the 6 pups died in the following days. While finding a spot to bury one of the little pup's body, we found the bodies of the adult dogs. Initially, we thought that the adult dogs and the mother were taken away by municipality folks, but the reality is that they were poisoned and killed. The pups might have ingested some of the poison from their mother's milk.

The last remaining puppy now lives with us. Over the past week, we took him to the vet a dozen times, got so many injections to give saline, nutrition, treat gastroenteritis and improve his chances of survival. While filling out the patient form, I had to name the pup. I filled in "Doggo" and the people at the vet's place also call him Doggo now. I remember touching his face and saying "you're a survivor, survive".

Doggo is now doing alright. He is moving around the house on his own, eating on his own (this is a huge win) and licking our hands and faces if we come too close. And while the image and sadness from seeing the other pups suffer in their last days and die in front of our eyes remains, the fact that Doggo will survive makes me and my entire family happy.


Conversations in my family's WhatsApp group have shifted since Doggo came to live with us. That's me buying a feeding bottle at the supermarket.

I wasn't very productive at work last week. While my number one concern was Doggo's survival, I couldn't shake down the feeling that I didn't manage to get as much done as I hoped I would.

Mausumi reminded me that we are after all human, having an unproductive week is human, and Doggo's survival is more important right now. And she's right on all three counts. I let myself be okay with the unproductive week.


My sister Priyanka Nath published her first music album yesterday. It's an EP.

She has been hustling hard all year following her passion, and it's amazing to watch her grow from playing simple covers, to learning video editing, audio mixing, and now producing her original songs.

Give her a listen 🎶 on YouTube and Spotify.

I can't wait to see where she goes next 🔥


Here's the final important chapter in the Micro-SaaS Guide that I've been working on for the past several months.

The final piece of the puzzle - after finding an idea, building an MLP, coming up with the right pricing structure - is to launch your micro-SaaS into the world and acquire your first 10, 100 and 1000 customers.

👉 Micro-SaaS Marketing: Getting your first 10 and 1000 paying customers

I might start working on a new series soon, or add more posts to the Micro-SaaS guide based on people's feedback on where they need help. Got suggestions for what I should cover next? Reply to the email and let me know, or DM me on Twitter.

Published by DelightChat Tribe

Akash wrote on the road to VPS profitability. There's ramen profitability, and then there's Akash's newly coined term VPS profitability. Read on to find out more.

I got on a podcast with Varun Uday of SaaS Talk to talk...wait for it...Micro-SaaS. Gah! That wasn't much of a surprise was it? Listen to the podcast episode if you're new to micro-SaaS!

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Akash created a floating notepad app to boost his productivity.

Zoe Chew launched and made $1,034 in sales in the first 24 hours.

Julian Shapiro on the pattern successful startups follow with their marketing copy.

Austin Rief details how MorningBrew got its first 10,000 subscribers.

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Anne-Laure on the difference between Efficacy, Effectiveness, and Efficiency.

Digital Wanderlust

I would love to celebrate the beginning of a new year while trekking the Swiss Alps.

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