Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0021

November 8, 2020

Good morning!

Man, last week felt like 4. Things at DelightChat are ramping up quickly.

Our engineering team is shipping product features at a steady clip, an engineering-driven marketing experiment is live, and we are hiring again!

If you have friends who are a fit for the Content Marketer or Growth Marketer roles, please do us a solid and refer them 🙌

This week, I published an update to my SEO experiment with the "micro-SaaS" keyword.

Since creating the page and writing content specific to it, I am now ranking #2 on Google for the search term. Learn how I did it!

👉 Pain-Point SEO: An update on my "micro-SaaS" SEO experiment

Published by DelightChat Tribe

Akash wrote a summary of his favourite book: How to Turn Down a Billion Dollars.

The DelightChat team worked together to launch a marketing experiment: Best Shopify Apps.

Interesting links from the Interweb

85% of 2020 is over

Data-Driven SEO: Content That Ranks

The 3-Step Startup Marketing Framework We Created to Grow KISSmetrics

Top SaaS Growth Case Studies by Cenario

"Pay 880$ per month" - Intercom

90% future DTC brands will be "2 pizza" teams

Which funnels growth teams should be targeting, by stage

How to analyze your competitors like Sherlock Holmes?

Digital Wanderlust

This landscape in China made me think about Dragon Ball Z. Do you see it?

Coffee Love

I'm thinking of discontinuing this section. The last thing I want is for my newsletter to be metric-driven - it's because I'm writing for pleasure and recreation. I don't want 1000 newsletter subscribers or 10,000 followers on Twitter.

I just don't care.

But when I started including the metrics, it started giving me anxiety and an intrinsic desire to make it grow.

So I'm drawing the line.


The best newsletters grow via referrals. It's when you like someone's content so much that you share it with your friends, especially those who you think might enjoy the same content.

If you feel that way about my blog and newsletter, tell them about me!

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If you don't feel that way, well, life is continuous improvements that compound over time. Tell me a tiny way in which I can improve!


By the way, I teach a course called Learn Programmatic SEO to help grow Google search traffic.

Programmatic SEO is a methodical and data-driven approach to finding keywords, understanding user intent and creating dozens or hundreds of pages of content.

Learn how to apply this framework to your business, whether it's ecommerce, SaaS, or even a side project. No prior SEO knowledge required.

Learn more about the course
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