Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0016

October 4, 2020

A slightly late good morning!

I didn't get up late haha.

Here's what I was up to - adding more content to the micro-SaaS landing page that I created before sending the newsletter. That's when I remembered, "Preetam, chill, you can finish this page over the next 2 weeks and complete it properly".

The idea for creating this page was in my head since months, I finally got around to doing it. The trigger was two-fold:

1. Talking to an Indiehacker about marketing for his micro-SaaS, only to discover that it's not a core focus for him.

The final version of the guide will stress on all important pillars to building a successful business and hopefully increase the success rate of Indiehackers out there.

2. Having intense marketing strategy brainstorming sessions with the DelightChat team earlier this week.

I kept driving the discussion towards repeatable formulas for content and SEO that we can (ideally) do once, and then reap the benefits of again and again (ideally) till infinity. And I thought to myself, "well why am I not doing it more with my blog?"

You see, I'm not a huge fan of creating ephemeral updates whose value dies a few days after the update gets posted. I like to create something that lives on forever, continues getting discovered, and gets increasingly discovered over as time goes by.

This is the topic of this week's blog, SEO vs Social Media Marketing.

Published by DelightChat Tribe

Deb launched his podcast series SaaS Content @ Scale. Check out the first three episodes which cover organic growth stories of Sumo Logic, Soapbox, and Wiza.

Sankalp wrote about Imposter Syndrome: Is it a bug or a feature?

Interesting links from the Interweb

I didn't browse the web much this week, was heads down executing throughout. Here's some interesting links though:

What's an optimal level of fame?

I see "How I grew my Twitter to 10k followers in 30 days" threads every other day. Am I weird because I don't want to grow that fast? I like that small groups of people keep finding value in the content I create, and then subscribe to get more. I'll write a thread on "10k followers in 3 years" perhaps and be damn happy with it.

Follow the market to find real problems.

Mathew Kobach shares how he devised the Instagram marketing strategy for Fast.

Rand Fishkin says Product-Market Fit is a broken concept.

Chirr is a really simple and cool app that helps compose and preview Tweet threads.

Digital wanderlust

Would you sit at the edge of this cliff in Norway?

Closing notes

How do you approach marketing for your product or company?

Usually we product founders get obsessively focused on product and think it's the be all end all.

Is marketing a core pillar and key part of your thought and execution process?

Let me know in the replies.


By the way, I teach a course called Learn Programmatic SEO to help grow Google search traffic.

Programmatic SEO is a methodical and data-driven approach to finding keywords, understanding user intent and creating dozens or hundreds of pages of content.

Learn how to apply this framework to your business, whether it's ecommerce, SaaS, or even a side project. No prior SEO knowledge required.

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