Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0014

September 20, 2020

Good morning!

A lot of things are happening in parallel.

Starting a new company, recruiting a talented and driven team, designing the first versions of the product, solving foundational problems in tech, figuring out our launch strategy and where we will acquire our initial set of users, and more.

Some are completely new experiences, some old.

But everything is exciting. It keeps me charged, it keeps me up at night, it wakes me up early on a Sunday morning to write.

This week, I wrote about how startups are a complex multivariable equation. There's a million reasons why your startup might fail. Figuring out and solving those aspects of the multivariable equation within your control is the only viable path.

👉 Startups are a complex multivariable equation

I also wrote about how launching a startup is like launching a rocket. There's a lot of preparation that goes in before launch, and after you need insane amount of initial thrust until you reach escape velocity, after which momentum carries you forward.

👉 Momentum and escape velocity

Interesting links from Twitterverse

25000 kms, 20 countries, 78 days. A road trip

Basker the founder of Vajro, talks about the importance of learning from past failures in order to succeed.

Pat Walls shares his learnings on SEO after reaching 250k monthly visits on StarterStory.

Alfred Lua breaks down Fast's amazing launch strategy that attracted 3000 signups.

Start investing in your daily life

A commentary on conversations

Why startups "make the world a better place"

Digital wanderlust

I want to go on a road trip.

Closing notes

I'm researching newsletters, more specifically - what makes people subscribe to one, read it week after week, and share it with their friends.

Here's a quick exercise for you - Reflect on the newsletters you are subscribed to and the questions mentioned above.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Just hit reply.


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