I built a Weekly and Monthly Habit Tracker app on Google Sheets

August 2, 2020

Habit trackers are tricky. There's thousands of options and flavours to choose from. Each habit tracker app is reflective of the mindset and approach of the creator towards habits. Some are rigid, some try to be very customisable.

Over the years, I've never once found a more perfect habit tracking app than drawing a table on my notebook with a pen, and marking the days. I was doing this on a weekly basis for nearly all of 2019, but losing last week's progress to the pages in my notebook and not being able to easily visualise progress longer than a week would constantly bother me.

2 months ago, I bought an iPad and tried drawing the table there. But something didn't sit right. It didn't make sense to make the same table with the same constraints, only on a digital paper this time.

And thus, the Weekly Habit Tracker and 30 Day Monthly Habit Tracker spreadsheets were born.

This is the MVP, but it already does everything you would need.

Here is how it works:

  • Set the habits you want to track.
  • Set a goal for each habit. "Goal" is simply the number of times you want to perform a habit in a week / month.
  • Mark the days you complete the habit with a * or any character. The cell will automatically highlight to green.
  • The "Achieved" column will automatically count number of times you perform a habit, and will give you a Yay or a Nay based on whether you achieved your goal.
  • Add a note at the end of the week / month on why you couldn't hit your target, and what you would do differently next week.

Best part is, your data is your own. After you duplicate the spreadsheet, it lives in your Google Drive account.

I personally am using the monthly tracking spreadsheet since mid-July and I'm hopeful that it will benefit your life too.


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