Overnight Success

June 19, 2020

I used to believe successful people were a different breed of humans, with special makings, genetics, <insert possible reason> that set them apart and helped them achieve greatness.

Media portrays and we always read about successful people after they have already achieved greatness.

I’ve learnt over the years that the process is (different but) messy for every such person.

Kunal Shah has talked about the days when we just had enough money to pay for fuel for his motorcycle. 15 years later, he’s sold Freecharge and is building Cred into a huge company.

Amar G has been building Zenmaid since 2013, but you can see how year 8 is where their business taking off and reaching for the stars.

Paul Jarvis just published a piece called 20 years to overnight success, celebrating a huge milestone for Fathom Analytics.

These are 3 examples off the top of my head that I came across recently. But this story repeats itself over and over again.

We rarely see the messy middle, the years of grind and trying and figuring things out and iterating and trying again, that is the precursor to overnight success.

And with that, my perspective too has permanently shifted.

I now follow more founders, entrepreneurs, self-starters who are in the messy middle.

I also follow founders who are past the overnight success stage, as a north star for what's to come.

All the while I will keep delving deeper into the messy middle. Continuing on my path to overnight success of building internet businesses for the next 5, 10, 15 years and longer.

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