Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0059

August 1, 2021

☀️ Good Afternoon

Last month was a tough one.

There were multiple deaths in my family and close friend’s families that made me think hard about the fact that life is short, and that there’s no room for delaying doing the things you truly want to be doing.

Last week, a medical emergency of one of my parents added a whole new level of urgency to this matter.

My dad is stable and recovering now, but the ordeal made me realise that when things hit closest to home, it affects you differently.

Life is short. It can come for you anytime and any day without warning, even to someone who is fit and has done most things right to maintain their health.

During this ordeal, I asked myself this question, which you can too without going through the same ordeal:

“If I die tomorrow, will I die a happy person, or sad because of the way I lived?”

I channeled my thoughts into a blog post, where I also share my answer to ^ the above question.

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😍 Digital Wanderlust

I love swimming, and I went for one this morning after 2 years. The last time was at a beach.

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