Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0058

July 25, 2021

☀️ Good Afternoon

Today's Sunday Coffee has arrived a bit later than usual, but I promise I have something good for you.

Yesterday, while recording a video (coming soon) on building websites with Webflow and talking about Programmatic SEO, I opened up Google Search Console for the DailyHabits project after 2 months to find out what's happening.

What I saw left me pleasantly surprised. See for yourself:

Impressions / Clicks data over 2 months:

  • May 15: 480 / 5
  • July 18: 2676 / 127

That's 500% growth in impressions & 2500% in clicks, with 0 new content 🤯

I wrote a short thread on what my initial thought process was that lead to this result, and what I'm doing next given I have very limited time to work on this project.

👉 DailyHabits traffic grew 2500% in 60 days, what's next?

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😍 Digital Wanderlust

I want to put a tent beside that stream and live a couple of nights at Saint Moritz, Switzerland.

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Happy Sunday!


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