Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0055

July 4, 2021

☀️ Good Morning

I've talked extensively about my love for Webflow, the powerful no-code website builder that powers my personal blog and DelightChat's website.

Today, I explored 6 other no-code website builders that can be used for a range of use cases:

  • Buliding a one-page personal site
  • Quickly putting together a landing page to validate an idea
  • Building the website for your business
  • Buliding a marketing blog for your business
  • Creating marketplaces, online communities, resource directories, internal dashboards.

No-code is getting more powerful than ever. Are you using it in your life yet?

👉 7 great no-code tools to build your first website today

🔗 Interesting Links

We've been working hard at DelightChat for the past 8 months. Customer testimonials like these make the journey worth it.

Akash, the first engineer who joined our tribe, has moved on to another (super) exciting opportunity. Wish him the best!

Want to succeed as a creator online? Here's the cheatsheet.

There's no such thing as a clickbait "headline."

"But how quickly will companies go remote?" A graph.

Raise $4mn. Sell for $360mn. This is reality for PlaySimple.

We are the average of the 5 ideologies we spend most time with.

Plausible, a privacy-focused Google Analytics alternative, hits $30k MRR.

Indian designer salaries: Earn >1cr per year.

Founder Confessions: Nearly went to jail, walked away from a $50mn deal, and more.

😍 Digital Wanderlust

David Perell's workspace in Oaxaca, Mexico is the stuff of dreams.

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