Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0052

June 13, 2021

☀️ Good morning

How often do you pay attention to how you think?

How you make decisions decides all the outcomes of your life - work, health, relationships, everything.

How you think dictates the decisions you make.

Ergo, the most powerful investment that an individual can make to improve their life is to improve their thinking process.

This weekend, I wrote about the most important meta-skill in our life, the one skill that rules them all and dictates how our life turns out, whether we are conscious about it or not. Might as well be?

👉 How To Think: The Most Important Meta-Skill Of Your Life

🐦 Tweet thread

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Shruti wrote about the experience of Designing Automation Rules in DelightChat (tweet).

Sourav shared his experience and learnings from completing 6 months at DelightChat.

Sankalp wrote about a Django tip to keep database operations more efficient when calling the save() method (tweet).

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I was abused by a customer - Don't do this. You are a customer of other businesses, just like you have customers for your own business/where you work at. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

😍 Digital Wanderlust

These tiny chocolate hills in the Phillipines are adorable. I bet it would be fun to climb to the top and zorbing down.

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