Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0050

May 30, 2021

☀️ Good morning

Welcome to the 50th edition of Sunday Coffee. We've made it to a half-century 🎉

I have a new blog post for this weekend. It's about a principle I learnt long ago but somewhere along the way forgot about. I'm re-learning!

Most people when facing a problem or a challenge look for what more they can do to solve the problem and overcome it.

Yet, there’s a low-hanging alternative to problem-solving that is rarely considered.

What if you could achieve more by trying to do less?

👉 Via Negativa: Do More By Doing Less

✅ Published by the DelightChat Tribe

Sankalp is continuing to create content around the "Learn Django" keyword. Latest: Write better queries using values_list in Django.

Akash is taking a Product Management bootcamp these are his notes: Product Management Bootcamp Notes - 1 - Customer Research.

🔗 Interesting links from the Interweb

Dogfooding x DelightChat - We are using our product to support our users, who are using our product to support their users.

100 days. $50k MRR. Bootstrapped. Read this story.

Add this question to your sign-up flow - "What challenge are you most hoping [product name] will help you solve?"

80% of readers only scan headlines. Here's 13 tips to craft a headline that draws eyeballs.

Priya wrote 100 "atomic essays" in 100 days.

A sailor who builds profitable SaaS apps is solving his own by building this website.

When sold for $3b, this guy made $20m (he wasn't an investor).

A beginner's guide to Facebook Ads for growing your SaaS.

Arvid Kahl's new book, The Embedded Entrepreneur, solid 750+ copies in 7 days.

Most unicorn ideas are not engineering marvels. Difficulty of building a product != Its usefulness.

The JD of a Product Manager, by Lenny Rachitsky.

1 year after quitting my job I've only made $42 - What would you do?

$2800 from 70 sales selling an Airtable database - Check out Sudharshan's info product.

PSA: Dr. Mausumi Das is hosting a live session about Mucormycosis - or more commonly known as Black Fungus.

😍 Digital Wanderlust

Takes me back to riding a scooty along the streets of Gokarna. Image source.

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