Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0049

May 23, 2021

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At the age of 27, I finally learnt how to brush properly.

Turns out, there's a lot of other things in life other than proper dental care where I hadn't got the basics right - cutting my nails, skin care, hair care, warmup before exercise.

Heck, it took me 7 years of pushups until I finally started doing it right (courtesy Sankalp's tip that I should squeeze my glutes like I'm trying to hold a fart in order to maintain a straight back).

In light of all these discoveries, I’ve started reevaluating almost every aspect of my life by asking this simple question — “Am I doing an activity in a particular way because that’s how I’ve always done it, or is it because it’s the correct way to do it?”

As it happens so often, a lot of fundamental thought processes (mental models) can be applied across life and work. At DelightChat, we have been asking ourselves if we got the basics right.

I thought I knew the basic fundamentals of building a business, but my definition lacked a key point.

Dive in to learn about point #2. It's so important that we would have approached DelightChat in an entirely different way if we knew this 8 months ago.

👉 Get The Basics Right in Life and Business

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Deb went on the 3C podcast with Brett to discuss Freelancing, Marketers doing sales, Organic growth and more. Tune in here.

Akash details how he improved the documentation of his open source-web framework.

Sankalp wrote about using abstract models in Django.

🔗 Interesting links from the Interweb

PSA: WhatsApp helpline to help people in India with finding the right COVID resources.


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Kartik Sridharan (Flexible) talks about 9 ways to a validate your startup idea + what "validating an idea" looks like.

1400% traffic, 950% signups, Product Hunt #2, but only 1 sale?

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WHY Exercise is so Underrated (with a story about Nintendo's N64 marketing mistakes).

Don't duck before the swing.

Age doesn’t make you old.


Exploring M87's Supermassive Black Hole.

Google introduces a redesign with Android 12.

😍 Digital Wanderlust

The view I wish had from my balcony window.

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