Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0042

April 4, 2021

☀️ Good morning

Sankalp and I had a long discussion over beers yesterday. It was about having finite time and resources for our weekend projects, which means we have to cut down on some and prioritize.

While we haven't yet decided which to focus on or cut down, we did decide that for every 4 weeks (month), we will only have 1 focus for the weekend.

It could be growing

  • our respective blogs, or
  • a project that we are working on together (DailyHabits), or
  • individual projects (like Programmatic SEO for me)

The focus for April is to see how far we can take DailyHabits in our limited time.

To that extent, I started focusing on content via programmatic SEO principles. This nicely doubles up as content for my course (Programmatic SEO v2, coming in Q2 2021). Whereas Sankalp shipped a small update to the app - reordering habits.

👉 Growing a Habit Tracker App using Programmatic SEO

🧵 Tweet thread version

✅ Published by the DelightChat Tribe

Sankalp wrote about how to run a bulk update in Django. It's from a feature he implemented in DailyHabits this weekend.

Akash uploaded a video on YouTube! It's titled - So Who Uses a Superhero API anyways? - where he details his experience building a paid API.

Pavan updated his blog design (looks beautiful) and published a blog on how to animate svg using framer motion. We actually started using Framer for our frontend development last week.

🔗 Interesting links from the Interweb

Improving your chances of hiring great people by creating inbound funnels, i.e. attract talent. Almost everyone at DelightChat came to us through our tweets or blogs.

Sneha, who was previously at GraphyApp and Unacademy, launched It's an online course builder built on top of Notion!

Paresh wrote an excellent thread: A proven way to generate micro-SaaS ideas that can generate ₹ 1-3 lakhs/month.

Jim shared a quick checklist of questions to ask before jumping into a new idea.

Sankalp shared the latest stats from DailyHabits - 283 signups, 712 habits created, 1745 days tracked and more.

Which zone are you in?

Pattern matching in nature:

😍 Digital Wanderlust

I got obsessed with Japanese food after watching Terrace House 2 years ago. Been waiting to visit ever since.

It's 🌸 cherry blossom season in Japan, which means it's really pretty over there right now.

☕️ Coffee Love

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