Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0041

March 28, 2021

Good morning

It's actually afternoon already and I'm on my third ☕️

I've been hastily editing videos on iMovie, creating cover images on Figma, uploading them while editing the tutorial series' landing page on Webflow.

It's done!

Yesterday was my first livestream ever, and honestly this was more fun than recording videos in isolation.

I did make a mistake of giving everyone such short notice. The next time I do this will be better planned and announced ahead of time.

So, are you ready to create your blog this weekend? Dive in!

👉 Webflow for Blogging Guide: How to create a blog using Webflow

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Launching DailyHabits

We launched a new product. It's a simple habit tracker that Sankalp and I had been working on in the weekends.

With help from our friend Prashant, we launched DailyHabits yesterday. It's the simplest habit tracker on the planet.

👉 Check out DailyHabits

The habit tracker is priced at $19/year, which is the cost of four ☕️s. We feel it's a small enough but meaningful investment that one can make into their own future.

To celebrate the launch, we are also giving away 10 lifetime free coupon codes exclusively to the subscribers of this newsletter. Also up for grab are 25 coupon codes with 50% off the yearly price (taking it to $9/year).

Get it before they run out!

Published by the DelightChat Tribe

Akash wrote a thread on Personal Finance and FIRE.

Want to get started on your good habits for life? Sankalp wrote a guide on - How to turn exercise into a subconscious habit.

I previously wrote a general guide to Creating New Habits that Stick.

Interesting links from the Interweb

If you've had a hectic week, then you should take a break on the weekends. I'll be relaxing the rest of the day today and tomorrow (holiday for Holi).

The journey from 0 to something is the toughest no matter what you do. Janel is doing a talk on how to grow your newsletter from 0 to 3k subscribers.

A single red pixel NFT sold for $900,000... :brain falls off head:

Add a live counter of your MRR on your Twitter bio by following this tutorial.

We think a lot about the black lines, forgetting about the green ones ahead of us that are still within our reach.

Either this pricing model is genius, or it's stupid. See for yourself.

Jon Yongfook - There is a growing divide between people who TALK and people who DO. Twitter viral threads, blabbing on Clubhouse in a popular room. People get confused and think this how to “hustle”. Read the full post by Peter Levels.

Digital Wanderlust

This view reminds me of the Uncharted 4 game. The water looked as pristine, the islands a lost dream. This is in Australia.

If I had a yacht, I'd take it to this tiny beach, catch fish and grill them with fire, and enjoy a quiet peaceful weekend under a starry night sky and the sound of waves.

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