Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0036

February 21, 2021

Good morning

I did an AMA with the RemoteIndian community yesterday.

We covered a breath of topics, but these were the highlights:

I had to write these posts in haste, as I wanted to share the core essence of them in this week's newsletter. I'll revise and improve upon them afterwards (and with your feedback, I hope).

This week, I had another idea circling in my mind. It's about how everything starts from someplace small, and over a period of time becomes something large, complex and beautiful. That's evolution, and here's my post about it.

👉 Evolution Happens via Iterations

Quick question: How many of you have created competitor alternative or comparison pages for your product? If yes, how's the results. If no, why not? Let me know by replying to the email.

Published by DelightChat Tribe

Sankalp wrote Flask vs. Django: Which framework to choose in 2021?

Interesting links from the Interweb

Gaurav Munjal's Personal Productivity Stack for being an Idea and Execution Machine. Learn the systems of someone who built a unicorn in under 5 years.

Kevon's guide to Building in Public reached #4 position on Google Search. It doesn't take SEO hacks to rank. It starts with writing high-quality content that genuinely answers the questions of your users. You know, just like a product. One thing Kevon did get write is follow the hub-and-spoke strategy, where he created a pillar page and then separate posts for each section of the guide.

I Miss My Bar won the internet last week. I'm loving it and keep it playing while I write or work.

Here's my mix:

I don't know, Timmy, being God is a big responsibility.

Draw an iceberg and see how it will float.

There's so many people building businesses on the internet RIGHT NOW. What are you working on?

Be Group 1.

Digital Wanderlust

I'd like to (first learn to) skateboard down this beautiful road overlooking the ocean in Marina del Rey, California.

Coffee Love

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