Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0035

February 14, 2021

Good morning!

I've been writing consistently since the past 37 weeks of my life.

It's not my longest streak with writing (I wrote for tech blogs almost everyday for 4 years and that paid for college), but it is the longest streak of writing on my own blog and writing outside the bounds of a job or work project.

Every week, I get new emails or Twitter DMs asking about how I got started with writing, and how they could do the same. Most people ask the same questions, but they also ask the wrong questions.

Here are some of those wrong questions:

  • What did you use to create your blog?
  • Should I use Medium or Substack, or should I code my own blog?
  • Should I start a newsletter?

Instead, the only question that matters is - Did you write?

And so I wrote a post about how anyone can get started with cultivating a writing practice by focusing their energy on the right things.

👉 How to Develop a Daily Writing Habit in 2021

Published by DelightChat Tribe

Sankalp wrote Why use Django in 2021. It's also his first weekend of sending out his newsletter - Wholesome Django. Show him your support!

Akash wrote How to Listen to people and Make Friends.

Deb compiled knowledge from a renowned Google Search advocate on how to optimize your Image SEO.

Interesting links from the Interweb

Timing is everything. Took me years to understand its significance and finally accept its importance.

Hubspot hits $1bn ARR. That's billion. Takeaway - You can become a billion-dollar tech company by organizing yourself internally to be a media publishing house.

Julian on People don't have short attention spans and other lies that the world tells you.

There's no point in trying to reverse engineer someone else's success.

Poop scooping as a business. There's a gazillion business idea all around you, but you'll only spot it if you're observant.

Twitter search hack to find good ideas to tweet.

SEO Strategy: How to Create Topic Clusters and Grow Organic Traffic by Alfred Lua.

Digital Wanderlust

Look at this perfect weekend writing spot in the forest.

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