Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0032

January 24, 2021

Good morning!

🎯 Milestone alert: DelightChat's app has been submitted to the Shopify app store for review :D

We hope to get approved by next week and launch the beta in February 1st week 🎉


I love learning new things.

The process of discovering a new concept, idea or framework, trying to understand it deeply using analogies, applying that new understanding to the things I do and completing the circle with a feedback loop that helps strengthen the understanding.

I friggin love it.

This weekend, I caught up with my friend Apurva after planning to do so since a month. We both had tons of learnings to share with each other, but the 5 minutes of our 2 hour conversation that will stay with me long after is when she said:

"Preetam, do you know about this framework, system of record vs system of engagement?"

"Nope. Tell me all about it!"

Of course, I wrote a blog post about it.

👉 System of Record vs System of Engagement: How To Apply It To Your Business

Published by DelightChat Tribe

DelightChat's team has grown a bunch.

How it started: 2 people doing everything.

How it's going: A complete team of 10 covering engineering, product, design and marketing. Onwards 🚀🚀

Pavan (new joinee in engineering) wrote How to setup macos for web development.

Akash wrote Why Startups are Like Love Marriages.

Interesting links from the Interweb

Generating 4500+ pages in a week - A case study on programmatic SEO (published on the Webflow blog). Akash and I worked on this project in November, and the results have been astounding!

The creator economy is having its moment. How one creator made $1,332,400 across 6 revenue streams in 2020.

Create first, edit second: The Jerry Seinfeld guide to writing.

Harry Dry's fantastic step-by-step guide to writing landing pages.

A free and easy way to find Quora questions with over 1,000 views, but only 1 answer.

Email marketing tactics from Julian Shapiro, who has helped 200+ startups grow their newsletters.

How to build an audience using a content flywheel by Jordan O'Connor, who uses content to grow his business (currently $40k MRR).

My favourite tweet of 2021 (calling it prematurely perhaps, haha) - I'm building a town for creators.

^^ The moment I read this, I shared it with Sankalp and said "bro we gotta do this someday, perhaps Dharamshala?". The next second I shared it with Prashant from Altcampus as he's already in a great position to build this (HE IS!).

Digital Wanderlust

I want to roll down the hills of Tuscany.

As a child, I used to laze around in huge golf courses while my dad and his friends played. I would love rolling down small hills (thankfully, didn't smack my head anywhere, or maybe I did?). This picture took me back 22 years to that exact moment and memory.

Coffee Love

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