Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0030

January 10, 2021

Good morning!

My first week of 2021? Bleh.

I did what I promised in my yearly planning. Health became my first priority, and the first thing I did every morning.

The trade-off? I lost my early morning hours of focused work and productivity.

As a result, I didn't get any big task (that requires deep work) done during the week. I consoled myself by completing dozens of small tasks and ad-hoc work that came up. All those tasks were important, but I feel accomplished when I complete a big task (like writing a long-ass and high-quality guest blog for a huge publication).

I'm changing my routine next week. Based on Sankalp's suggestion, I will wake up at 6.30am and work till 10.30am. My workout and health time will be between 10.30am-12pm, followed by lunch. This way, I can get my big task done each morning AND focus on my health.

I'll report back next Sunday on how things go!

This week, I wrote a post inspired by the dozens of DMs and emails every week from aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs who are trying to build an internet business.

👉 42 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Business

Published by DelightChat Tribe

Akash wrote his 2020 year in review.

Deb finally published his personal blog and published his first post: 2021 goals.

Sankalp made an entry in his guide for people wanting to learn Django: Pagination made easy with Django Rest Framework.

Sourav is the newest member of the DelightChat tribe! Read his post about the lack of abundance thinking.

Psst. DelightChat is hiring an Experienced Backend Engineer.

Interesting links from the Interweb

How to Know If Your Startup Idea Is Worthwhile, by Kevon Cheung.

How Mr Beast Gained 48,600,000 Subscribers in Under 4 Years, by Noah Kagan.

OpenAI releases DALL•E, a GPT-3 for images. Imagine the possibilities.

James Clear on being patient and being impatient.

Goals + Systems = 💥

Focus on the message.

Zoe Chew says If you haven't found your purpose or passion, start by following your curiosity.

Airbnb has 128,317 templated landing pages. You can build the same for your business.

What is your favourite subreddit?

Digital Wanderlust

I'd like to spend nights staring up at the beautiful starry sky and dreaming of sci-fi novel ideas I had as a kid.

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