Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0028

December 27, 2020

Good morning!

With only four days to go, 2020 is almost wrapped up.

This year, my blog garnered 89,571 readers. I wrote 62 blog posts, which is more than I ever imagined. And this is the 28th Sunday Coffee of the year.

On Twitter, my words reached 1.254 million eyeballs. I grew from 1017 to 3178 followers and I had more 1:1 conversations with great people than ever before.

I built SuperLemon to a $30k MRR business, started a new business called DelightChat, hired the first members of the DelightChat Tribe, and grew the website to 180k impressions/month on Google in 45 days.

We also adopted Doggo, a street pup in need. He now lives with us and runs towards the kitchen every 2 hours for food.

I acknowledge that a lot of people less privileged than me had a much tougher year. And therefore, I am extremely grateful for how this year went for me personally, despite how the situation was across the world.

👉 My 2020 Year in Review

A slightly different Sunday Coffee ☕️

No links galore in this newsletter too except my co-founder Sankalp's 2020 year in review post.

It's the end of the year - don't consume more.

Spend time doing nothing, or with people you love, or by drawing, writing, dictating, <insert form of expression> your thoughts.

If you absolutely must, go read this guide on how you can plan ahead and make 2021 a year that works for you.

See you next year!


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