Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0024

November 29, 2020

Good morning!

The end of year holiday and shopping season has begun. BFCM is in full-swing, and Shopify's live map is a cool way to visualize what that means.

I met my co-founder Sankalp this weekend after 8 months, thanks to Covid-19, lockdowns and travel restrictions. Even though we met after a long time, we interact daily and it didn't feel like time had passed since we met. Perhaps we're doing this remote work thing right? :P

Last week's chapter in the Micro-SaaS Ebook, was about building a Minimum Loveable Product. Well, what do you do once you have a product? You laun... No, you set the right pricing model, and then launch! So let's dive into it.

👉 The Right Pricing Models and Strategies for your Micro-SaaS

Published by DelightChat Tribe

Deb is back with the 8th episode of SaaS Content at Scale. This episode talks about how Predictable Revenue launched a virtual conference that drove 3600 registrations. Listen to the episode and learn straight from the source, Julia Heesen, Head of Marketing at the company.

Interesting links from the Interweb

Tony Hsieh's impact on people and the world. R.I.P.

Naval on people with the highest status in society.

How we rapidly forget.

Gain customer insights by browsing Reddit communities.

Nik Sharma on good marketing.

How most Indiehackers grow their products.

Lie on the floor for 3 days with a skateboard. Go viral.

Shoutout - F'in Sweet CMS library has super useful how-to tutorials for Webflow, and I've been using tutorials to add functionality to the DelightChat website. Its creators run Finsweet where they build awesome Webflow websites. Just check out their RAD landing page!

Digital Wanderlust

I've been obsessed with Japan ever since I got into anime, manga, and Terrace House. One day, I'll be walking down this street in Tokyo absorbing every bit of what their culture has to offer.

Closing Thoughts

The next newsletter you receive will be in December. I cannot believe that this whole year is nearly over. At the same time, it felt like 5 years of events transpired in this single year.

In December, I want to be more reflective of how my year has been, where I've done well and areas where I can do better, be grateful for good health, and acknowledge my privilege that allowed me to have a better year than a lot of people around the world who had it much harder.

I also want to take greater control over 2021. This year kind of took us for a ride, and it's understandable given the circumstances. But I want to change that in the coming year.

Do you practice yearly reflection or plan for the year ahead? Do share with me!

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