Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0023

November 22, 2020

Good morning

I got up at 6am today. My sister wanted to take some shots for her next music video.

When she started working on her YouTube channel, I wasn't sure where she would go with this. She has now been consistently producing songs and videos for 7 months, including an original.

Over the past few weeks, she started learning Korean. That's when I learnt of the craze about BTS and their insane popularity.

Fast-forward to now and Priyanka has already covered 3 Korean songs, including the latest release by BTS - Life Goes On which dropped 2 days back. Check it out and leave her a comment if you enjoy her music ❤️❤️

Continuing with my mission to complete the Micro-SaaS Ebook, this week's post is about helping you figure out how to build your product, once you have validated your idea.

👉 Build a Minimum Loveable Product for your Micro SaaS

Published by DelightChat Tribe

Sankalp wrote a guide for beginners on How to build a CRUD application in Django.

Niraj wrote about React Hooks - useReducer.

Interesting links from the Interweb

Peter Levels on why you won't succeed by only launching on Product Hunt.

Aaron Orendorff shares a social media strategy in 1 tweet.

The talented Alyssa is back with a new product - a powerful screen recorder for Chrome.

Tim Soulo on why you SHOULD NOT prioritise your keyword ideas based on Search volume.

Janel has crossed $10,000 in revenue from Newsletter OS, which at its core is a Notion template.

89% of the year is over.

Digital Wanderlust

I want to put on diving gear and explore this shipwreck in Australia.

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