Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0019

October 25, 2020

Good morning!

I've been having a relaxing weekend. How about you?

I turned 27 on Friday, and my birthday gift was to stay away from work haha. Jk, it was spending time with Mausumi and my family.

All our pursuits in life don't matter as much if we don't have great people to spend our time with. This came out from me reminiscing where 27 years of my life flew by.

After a certain age, the perception of time changes and it seems like it's flying. I was a fresher in college not long ago. But wait, that was 9 years ago.

This week, I wrote what I reminisced, which is the value system that grew out of my life experiences and now governs everything I do.

👉 Lessons learned from growing 27 years young

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Sankalp wrote A blog post about nothing.

Deb published the 6th episode of Saas Content @ Scale. It's about how Bannersnack grew its site traffic by 61% & leveraging Pinterest as a search engine to create content.

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The Animalz Content Marketing Benchmark Report 2020.

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Digital Wanderlust

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Coffee Love

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