Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0018

October 18, 2020

Good morning!

I almost didn't write anything this weekend.

It was a tough week at work, and while I had shortlisted a few topics to write about, when I tried writing all I produced was gibberish.

In a conversation with Sankalp, he said that “The weekly content writing is supposed to be therapeutic and fun. It’s not supposed to be something you are forced to do.”

And while my reply was "Keeping the consistency is important to me”, in my mind I was telling myself that it's okay. It's okay if I fail to write something meaningful this weekend.

While my consistency matters to me, I had also learnt that being flexible and allowing room for failure is important.

I went on to explain the concept of flexible consistency to my girlfriend Mausumi. While babbling about it, it struck both of us at the same time.

I’d found my topic for the week.

👉 Flexible Consistency: Combining Contrasting Values

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Published by DelightChat Tribe

Sankalp wrote a superb post on how he solved an engineering challenge with building DelightChat. Read The Set data structure saved me from a world of pain.

Deb launched the 5th episode of his podcast, How Supermetrics Grew Its Blog-influenced Trials by 34% through Product-led Content.

Niraj made his blog live and published the his first post, explaining React Hooks - useState and how it works.

Interesting links from the Interweb

Karan published 'A Guide To Joy', a beginners guide to meditation based on his three years of practice.

The REAL trolley problem. What would you do?

Serious business and tech writers use hand-drawn and cartoony illustrations. Why is it so effective?

How Notion built a $2B SaaS startup through community and templates.

Kapwing turns 3. Did you know that they drive more than 1.5 million organic search traffic to their website every month? Their website and SEO strategy is worth studying and dissecting.

Digital wanderlust

Matthew Kobach asked "If you had to live in another country for three months, where would you live?"

My answer is at a beachfront hut in any (mostly) isolated island in the world. Perhaps in Phi Phi islands.

What's yours?

The secluded beaches of Phi Phi Islands.

Misc notes

Apple released the iPhone 12 lineup. The biggest news according to me isn't the new phones, but MagSafe and the exclusion of charging adapters in the package.

While Apple says it's for the benefit of the environment, I think it's a strong play at further extracting value and making their fans spend more.

Just like how removing the headphone jack spawned AirPods, a $12bn revenue generating machine. Apple is hoping that removing the charging adapter will create a similar massive revenue line with MagSafe accessories and wireless chargers.

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