Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0017

October 11, 2020

Good morning!

I like the sound of rain.

I'm not sure why. Maybe its evolutionary, homo sapiens did live and evolve in the wilderness for >95% of their existence.

It was pouring heavily here in Hyderabad while I sat in my balcony and meditated. I found it quite serene.

And then I picked up the coffee mug and got writing this newsletter.

You see, I've developed a routine, a consistent writing schedule where I publish something every weekend and then send out this newsletter on Sundays.

Among many other factors, the newsletter helps me stay consistent. I feel accountable to the people who subscribed and gave me 10 minutes of their Sunday morning. And I'm grateful for that.

So grab your coffee, this week's post is about why I write, why you should too, and how you can create a consistent schedule for creation.

👉 Why you should write

Published by DelightChat Tribe

Deb launched the 4th episode of his podcast series SaaS Content @ Scale, which talks about how the "Pizza in Email" Campaign Generated 1400% More Leads at Workiz.

Akash introspected on his life through the burners model. Read My Four Burners.

Sankalp wrote a commentary on how conversations evolved with technology.

Interesting links from the Interweb

Here's how Zapier uses reviews & SEO to drive 2.9 million yearly visits to their website organically.

Get ready to browse one of the COOLEST websites on the internet. The Glitch.

Flowbase is a great resource for finding high-quality Webflow assets and templates.

A curated list of Female founded DTC brands.

Which products or behaviours are super niche today but will be super mainstream in 2030? Tweet thread.

The paradox of wearable technology: 24 hours is the optimal battery life.

A zoom out view on odds of creating a startup with $1bn+ valuation.

Digital wanderlust

Would you like to explore Mongolia this way?

Closing notes

I have a question for you. Have you been on the fence about writing or creating?

If you're already creating, share your work with me! I'd love to see.

If you're not, what's it going to take to get over it and get started?

Let me know in the replies.


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