Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0013

September 13, 2020

Good morning!

What an incredible time to be alive.

Just 1 year ago, the norm was that companies would set up face to face meetings before hiring a candidate for their team even if the candidate lived in another city. Founders would fly abroad to meet investors, pitch their ideas and raise capital.

It's 2020 and the new norm is that companies hire people they have never physically met, or founders raise money from investors who they only met on Zoom call.

The norm shifts quickly when society is forced to evolve, but evolution is inherently what makes us human. We've gotten this far as a species because of our ability to evolve around obstacles that hinder growth.

My mindset has evolved recently.

Sankalp and I were strong proponents of building things with just the 2 of us. And as a result we would set goals that we could realistically achieve as a team of 2. Until recently people challenged us on our beliefs, and with good reasons.

This week's blog post is about how our mindset evolved and how we are now building a team of people on the inside and on the outside to help us build DelightChat into a great business.

👉 Together vs Alone - Thoughts on building a team

Written this week

Sankalp wrote - The feedback loop of productivity. Read for the amazing meta-commentary of his mind.

Akash, who joined our team as first engineer, wrote - How to Build a URL Shortener in Deno. Read if you want to learn how Deno works via a simple project.

Interesting links from Twitterverse

Marketing yourself is really important and changes your perceived value in society.

Paul Graham on why he invested in AirBnb (key insight about founder and founding team DNA).

Praise your team, and criticise them too. Both are important.

Best marketing resources for SaaS companies on the internet? Suggestions are welcome. Meanwhile, check out the recommendations in the thread.

Who vs What, Justin Jackson opines on building a successful online business.

Fun fact: Shopify raised $7mn and diluted 22% of the company for their Series A in 2010 😱. This was when they had $5.5mn in ARR. They are worth over $100bn today.

Digital Wanderlust

I want to sail through these colossal ice structures in Greenland.

Closing notes

We are building our core team at and currently looking for a fine marketer to join us.

Someone who can think across paid and organic marketing channels to help us get our first 1,000 customers. This person will eventually build and lead the marketing team and help build massive distribution channels to grow the company to 10,000 customers and beyond.

Read more about the role.

Have a friend or know someone who fits the bill? Refer them to us and get an iPhone 11 if we hire them 😇

See you next week!

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