Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0012

September 6, 2020

Good morning!

When the pandemic hit global news, everyone (I presume) and especially on Twitter were sharing their predictions about the future.

Apart from the range of predictions from dark and gloomy to “it’s going to be alright soon” optimism, there was intense collective thought being shared on how to adjust to the new life.

“If you don’t build your business ideas while you’re stuck indoors, you’ll never do it”. Or “this is the best time to become fit and the best version of yourself.”

You know, non-empathetic BS that treats human beings like a robot following a set of instructions.

After 7 months that spanned being intensely anxious, trying to "become the best version of myself" and failing, being grateful about my problems and being empathetic that someone else has it way worse, I think I finally got a grip on my life.

Read on 👉 Adjusting to life in a pandemic

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Closing notes

How have you been adjusting to life during a pandemic? Do things feel calmer and more settled down than it did a few months ago? 

If not, drop me a mail, I'm happy to chat and be of help.

Until next week!


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