Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0011

August 30, 2020

Good morning!

I had an hour-long conversation yesterday talking to a fellow entrepreneur who quit the adventure and took a job. He was curious to know what I had done differently to arrive at a positive outcome.

My first reaction was to tell him that this is not my first attempt. SuperLemon is actually my fourth attempt. Sankalp and I did just enough things right this time (or avoided just enough mistakes) to make the business work.

The journey to reaching here was long, filled with doubt internally and from everyone around me, even frustrating and hopeless at times.

Out of all the things we talked during the call, the three things that stood out to me were:

1- I kept trying again and again.

2- I knew when to quit.

3- After every attempt or failure, I would intensely introspect on what went wrong.

Read the full post -> The long haul

P.S. - SuperLemon got covered in the Latka magazine.

Written this week

I've written before about my ultimate productivity hack. The central theme of the post is that what's important gets done.

But one might ask, how do you decide what needs to be done?

Here's a simple two-layer prioritisation framework to help with that.

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I want to get lost on this trek.


Closing notes

I'm currently researching how great companies executed amazing pre-launch strategies that helped them grow. I've read Hotjar's case study.

What other companies and case studies have you come across?

Share them with me via email or Twitter DM.

Until next week!


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