Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0010

August 23, 2020

Good morning!

Phew, what a week. There are some weeks where nothing happens, and then there are some where months worth of events happen. This week was of the latter type.

We announced that we are working on a new venture, and looking to make our first hire.

I am extremely grateful to all the kind people who shared and amplified our post.

As a result, we got dozens of job applications from highly relevant candidates - aligned with values, right hacker mindset for early stage, and people who are optimising for learning.

The best part was learning how the people who applied knew about us from our blog posts, Indiehackers, or even from a Telegram group called Makerlog. And that they all want to start their own business eventually.

Hell yeah!

That's our long term goal - to create 1000s of new entrepreneurs.

Also this week, SuperLemon's journey got published on StarterStory. I'm thankful that Pat Walls allowed us to share our story on his platform.

Previously I've shared our company's performance on Nathan Latka's show, and written about learnings from building SuperLemon on my blog. This post is a very personal narrative about Sankalp and my journey.

It's all the little things that happened behind the scenes.

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Closing notes

Just feeling incredibly grateful for everyone's support. I cannot thank you enough. As always, I'll be sharing new updates, learnings and more as we go deeper into the rabbit hole of building a business :)

Until next week!


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