Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0007

August 9, 2020

Good morning!

This week, I was playing an RPG game called The Outer Worlds. The story is really funny, a take on how capitalism owns our lives and convinces us to toil away to earn an unfulfilled existence.

Anyway, I was going through the character upgrade screen and I just couldn't stop thinking this thought - Life is a RPG video game.

If you think about it, in life

  • You’re the player. You can only control your actions directly.
  • You have a physical health bar, mental health bar, skills bar, status bar and a few others
  • There are objectives to achieve, missions to complete, side quests to optionally embark upon
  • Your past decisions affect your future path, there’s a complex infinitely branching out decision tree
  • There are skill trees to unlock, upgrade, and master
  • Everyone else around you is a NPC (non-playable character). You can’t control their actions, but you can influence them indirectly through your actions.
  • The game ends when you die

You must be thinking - “Life sounds exactly like a RPG video game. How did I never think of it this way before?”

I know right!

Anyway, I wrote my thoughts on how to use and apply "Life is a video game" as a mental model that can help you get where you want to go. Give it a read and share your thoughts :)

👉 Mental model: Life is a RPG video game

That's not all.

This week, I also created weekly & monthly habit tracker templates using Google Sheets.

Why I built this:

  • I didn't like existing habit tracker apps
  • I completely own the data on this one
  • I can visualise progress easily over time
  • It's simple enough so that sophistication doesn't get in the way of what's important - performing and tracking habits

​👉 Weekly & Monthly Habit Tracker app

Like what you see? I'd really appreciate it if you help spread the word by tweeting about it.

Phew! That's all for this week.

As always, if you have any thoughts, reply to this email and let me know.


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