Sunday Coffee ☕️ #0003

August 9, 2020

Good morning!

This week, I graduated from writing short form posts on my blog to longer posts. These require more patience from the reader, but I believe I can deliver much higher value to you by writing this way.

Last night's post got really good traction. Like, beyond-my-wildest-dreams-good traction.

  • 14,000+ pageviews and 12,000+ uniques on my blog in ~16 hours
  • 10,000+ impressions and 100s of new followers on Twitter
  • Front-page on Reddit/r/Entrepreneur
  • Front-page of Hackernews, at #25 position

It's only been 16 hours since publishing the post. And I know all this is in the moment and won't continue being this way tomorrow, so I'm just enjoying the moment :)

I'll share a more detailed writeup in a few days on what went into writing the post, how I went about sharing it on various social media, pageviews and impressions and any other relevant numbers.

*Deep breath*

Written this week

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Italian beauty 🇮🇹 ❤️

One thought

How you spend the first hour of your day can be really powerful. Do you have a morning routine that you follow religiously?

Until next week!

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