Newsletter launch: Sunday Coffee ☕️

August 9, 2020

It’s 2020, so I’m starting a newsletter.

I'll be writing about living a good life, and building SaaS businesses.

The newsletter will be sent weekly on Sundays, containing

  1. a roundup of everything I’ve created and written that week
  2. collection of links from the internet that I found interesting (and you might too)
  3. and, thoughts that I pondered over during the course of the week

Unlike everyone doing it on Substack, I’m taking the old school approach.

  • I'll write on my owned domain and blog (like some sort of caveman)
  • I'll even collect email addresses using a tool (am I even human?)
  • And I'll only send one email a week (this one’s quite sane actually)

Sunday Coffee is what I’m calling it.

Because that’s exactly how I imagine you reading it. Sipping coffee, browsing through the newsletter, which hopefully triggers Sunday morning musings.

This is my first proper attempt at starting a newsletter. Please do subscribe and help kick things off :)

If you don't see the subscribe form above, click here to subscribe.