Mission 1000: Why am I writing about Micro-SaaS?


For several years, I believed that the only way to build wealth (if you're not already wealthy) was to build a unicorn-aspiring startup. And so I ran around trying to chase that idea.

At one point, I began questioning myself. "Why do I care about building a unicorn?"

Turns out, I don't!

When I really thought about it, the things that stood out to me was living a great life, doing work that helps others do their own thing, and having a high degree of autonomy over my time.

That last bit requires that the work I do builds wealth. "How much wealth do I need?"

I have a number, it's not tiny, neither is it a billion dollars. It's a number that I believe would let me live my life on my terms.

Outside of buying helicopters or an island (if you find me doing those things, it's a cry for help and you need to knock my head back to senses), you don't need an awful lot of wealth to live comfortably no matter where you are, in perpetuity if the wealth is invested in the right places.

I urge you to go through this exercise of coming up with a number.

"What number?"

How much wealth do you need so that you never work again for a monetary incentive. What that means is, money won't matter to you anymore. Any work you do would be for pure joy of creating, or for helping others, or both.

Mission 1000

Thanks to serendipity of meeting good people and having great experiences, I managed to arrive at these thoughts and clarity for myself.

And I knew there are many others just like me who want something similar but don't see a viable path to it.

To help them also reach this clarity and get started with realising their dreams, I've created the micro-SaaS resource.

I want to help 1000 people become successful software entrepreneurs, earn financial autonomy, and live a lifestyle according to their rules and work on things that give them joy. And I believe micro-SaaS is the way to go.

What is Micro-SaaS? And why should you care?

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