A day off

June 14, 2020

As an entrepreneur, it’s hard to switch off and stay away from my business.

My day starts with replying to support tickets, and then proceeding with my morning routine. Afternoon is where I find myself getting work done. And reply to some more support tickets. Evening is when I write. And night is when I chill, watch a movie, hangout (on video) with friends, play board games, and then reply to support tickets before I sleep.

As an entrepreneur, it’s hard to take a day off.

I took one today though.

What’s special about today?

Nothing really. It’s a Sunday, but really, it’s just a day.

Today felt like a perfectly calm day. Today was lunch with my family and girlfriend, and rose wine. Today was lie on the couch and watch a movie with everyone day.

Also today, there were very few support tickets.

Today was my day off.

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