7 Best No-Code Website Builders

July 4, 2021

No-code is on the rise 🚀

No-code helps you do more than ever, without writing a single line of code.

People are learning no-code to build personal websites, product landing pages, run side hustles or even large businesses.

What if you could create your first website and online business today?


Simply the most powerful no-code website builder on the planet.

• Build anything you can imagine.
• Start with UI kits and templates.
• Has a bit of a learning curve though.
• No free plan, starts at $16/mo.

Twitter: @webflow

Website: Webflow

Unicorn Platform

A landing page builder designed and built for startups, powered by 🦄magic.

• A simple drag-n-drop UI.
• Seamless integration with Stripe.
• Supports blogging.
• Free plan available, then starts at $8/mo.

Twitter: @unicornplatform

Website: Unicorn Platform


Design and publish a beautiful website in no time. A website builder for startups.

• Auto-generate unique websites based on your usecase (eg. signups for a mobile app)
• Supports blogging.
• Free plan available, then starts at $29/mo.

Twitter: @umsohq

Website: Umso


Simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything.der on the planet.

• The best one-page website builder.
• Dozens of templates to help you build your personal portfolio today.
• Free plan available, host 3 websites for only $9/year.

Twitter: @carrd

Website: Carrd


Build beautiful and flexible multi-page websites without code.

• Powerful customizability in a easy-to-use UI.
• 130+ UI components & 13 templates to build your website quickly.
• Free plan available, host 2 websites for $36/year.

Twitter: @dorik_io

Website: Dorik


A powerful no-code website builder that uses Airtable as a database and is perfect for more advanced use cases.

• Used to build client portals, internal tools, marketplaces, resource directories or online communities.
• Supports authentication & user management.
• Uses Airtable as a database.
• Free plan available, starts at $24/mo.

Twitter: @softr_io

Website: Softr


Create websites that load fast, look beautiful and help convert traffic without any code.

• Perfect for building conversion-focused and fast websites.
• UI blocks to help you build beautiful websites without a designer.
• Free plan available, starts at $19/mo.

Twitter: @Versoly

Website: Versoly


Quick recap:

7 great no-code website builders to build your first online business

  1. Webflow
  2. Unicorn Platform
  3. Umso
  4. Carrd
  5. Dorik
  6. Softr
  7. Versoly

Go build your first website today 🚀

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