What is my writing setup?

February 7, 2021

Note: I make minor formatting changes to make the AMA more readable. Everything else is published as-is.

1. how do you decide what to write about next?

I write whatever I feel about. Mostly it's what is top of mind. Perhaps it's a concept I used recently, or had to explain to someone (like a team member), or an idea that I had a discussion about with someone. There's many such topics but I filter them down to those that might intrigue my core interest x audience, i.e. living a better life, or building businesses.

2. how do you decide what goes in blog & what goes in newsletter?

newsletter is just a collection of links. it includes a short more personal paragraph about what's happening in my life, almost like a continued narrative from the previous week. Or it introduces some additional context about the post I wrote that week.

3. do you keep track or metrics (users/pageviews, etc)?

Nope not really. i check once in a while and look at search console for interesting phrases for which my posts might be showing up.

4. how do you maintain the consistency?

Initially I had to write 25 times in 25 days to build a habit, then I created the newsletter to build accountability, and now it's a part of me. I can't imagine NOT writing on the weekends. Just like how I work during the week.

5. How do you do SEO for your blog?

I just do basic research on the topic I've decided to write upon and I try to align it to the search terms that already exist. Usually just a quick 5-10 min research at max.

6. what tools do you use to source/draft/review and publish the content?

I write in Apple notes, which is a plain text version of the post. I bring it to the Webflow CMS editor where I edit and format the post, add links or images. Then publish.

7. do you use any tools to design meta images, charts, tables etc, tools to check performance and SEO issues on the website?

I use Figma for meta or any other images. Mostly I let me words do the talking. I use images sparingly. I check google search console once in 1-2 weeks and GA in the same cadence.

8. I am asking these mostly to understand the complexity of your operation, also is there any who helps you out (with draft review, etc) or it is one man show?

One man show. I do this by myself, just the way I like it.

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